Our Services

Statewide Parent to Parent Program

AFSN provides support, education, information and referral to adoptive parents. AFSN supports all kinds of families and all types of adoptions. Learn more…

Adoption Support Groups

When adoptive parents are asked what support would be the most helpful, they almost always respond with talking to another parent like themselves who “gets it”.  Our support groups are set up to meet that need. Our groups are based on the North American Council on Adoptable Children’s guide for nurturing adoptive parent groups and the Circle of Parents® model for groups.  Our groups are facilitated by one of our Adoptive Parent Consultants and parent led.

New groups are forming all the time! Contact Us if there is a specific focus area you would like for us to consider or create a group in your community.

In addition to support groups facilitated by AFSN staff, we provide technical assistance and referrals to ANY adoptive parent support group in the state.  AFSN houses a comprehensive county-by-county listing of  foster, adoptive and kinship support groups across the state. Learn more…

Adoptive Parent Seminars / Training / Workshops

Throughout the year we offer programs, trainings and seminars for parents and professionals on a variety of topics that are specific to adoptive families.

Check out the Events page for upcoming family outings!

Adoptive Family Fun Events

These social, celebratory events are fun for the whole family, and they offer parents and children a chance to connect with other adoptive families like themselves. 

AFSN organizes several family fun events throughout the year at little or no cost to families. The highlight of the year is always AFSN’s Adoption Celebration in November in honor of our families. This past year we had over 300 guests join the fun at The 3 Mile Project. We provide a variety of opportunities to have families come together for a casual “meet up” at venues such as museums, sporting events, swimming pools, parks, rollerskating, Parents’ Nights Out and more. Come join in the fun!

Check out the Events page for upcoming family outings!