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Thank you for your support of the Adoptive Family Support Network (AFSN). Your contributions have enabled us to provide support and educational programs for over 600 adoptive families in 2014. Those families—and probably more—will continue to need AFSN in 2015. That is why I’m writing to you: AFSN needs your financial support now more than ever.

For the last three years, the number of families AFSN served by providing post-adoption assistance grew from 50 to 800. The State of Michigan funded our Parent-to-Parent (P2P) program—a mentoring program for adoptive parents, by AFSN-trained adoptive parents. This program is a proven success, as demonstrated by its fantastic growth. Our parents tell us that AFSN has helped them become “real families.” Your support will help AFSN expand our services from Kent County to adoptive families across Michigan in 2015.

Our adoptive families cannot simply cancel their need for our services. Their adopted children will continue to need help in healing from the trauma of their past abuse and neglect. The parents will continue to need support, counseling, education, and mentoring – to help them help their children become healthy.

So please, help AFSN continue to assist adoptive families. Your tax-deductible gift will have a significant impact and allow Parent-To-Parent, and AFSN’s other services, to keep supporting families. Here’s how:

  • $720: Provides a full year of programming to an adoptive family to join support groups, receive Parent-To-Parent support, attend educational classes and attend family-fun events such as Adoption Celebration.
  • $300: Provides adoptive parents with AFSN’s 8-week Advanced Parenting for Challenging Children course.
  • $80: A month funds a support group for 20 families for an entire year. ($1,000 annually)
  • $10: A month provides Parent-To-Parent Mentoring for an entire year. ($120 annually)

I wish you and your family a happy and blessed holiday season.  Thank you for your past support of AFSN and adoptive families in West Michigan.  Your gift this season will help us continue to nurture adoptive families and their children—a true gift to your community.


Brooke Van Prooyen,
Acting Executive Director

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